Who We Are

Jesse McDowell:

I am a teaching fellow and PhD student in the department of English at Loyola University Chicago, formerly teaching at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. In my research I focus on hypertext in Old and Middle English manuscripts with a particular focus on how digital technology can inhere the same experiences with literacy then as it can now, particularly in various digital media. I am also interested in digital archiving, text-encoding, and constructing digital microfilm editions. In my papers presented (in hopes of publication) I have focused on Alfredian texts, mainly the Old English Boethius. Other interests include Early British Monastic culture, early book production, and the intersection of devotion and expression in Early British / Anglo-Saxon England.

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Caleb Milligan: 

Caleb Milligan is an instructor and PhD candidate in English at the University of Florida. He holds a B.A. from Emmanuel College and an M.A. from Clemson University, both in English. His research interests include postmodern literature–especially experimental print literature that tests the materiality of the page, film, and media studies pertaining to electronic literature ranging from hypertext fiction to games. In addition to his collaboration here at Medium/Message, he is a member of UF’s TRACE, a research initiative studying and producing work in ecomedia and media ecology.